Helping organizations transform to Agility and their NNext Level

Volgende workshop: 21 april 2017

Strategic transformation

Our seasoned consultants have the experience, skills, and knowledge to help your organization through the process of transformation. Working together, we will assess where you are, what you need, and how we will help get you there.

Agile Architecture

We will help you create the simplest architecture that can possibly work.

Future readiness

Organisations need to innovate. The pace of technology development only increases. We can help to adapt and make your organisation “Agile” and become ready for the future and provide your organization with new opportunities to grow.

Execution Excellence

We will guide you effectively linking your strategy, people and work processes to achieve Executional Excellence.


on Agile portfolio-, program- and team management
Portfolio Level: The highest level in SAFe is the Portfolio Level, Where programs are aligned to the enterprise Business strategy along Value Stream lines.   Portfolio level
Program Level: The Program Level is where funding for personnel and other resources are applied to some important, long-lived, enterprise mission.   Program Level
Team Level: The Team Level – which provides an organization, artefact, role, and process model for the activities of Agile teams to deliver the outcome / required results   Team Level

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